Ull Care was founded by M.D. Søren Ballegaard. The company’s concept and technology (the Ull Meter platform), is protected by 1 core patent family and 4 families of pending patents in Australia, Brazil, China, Europe, India, Japan, New Zealand, Russia & USA

During 25 years research and development, we have established an unique set of assessment tools and an interventional program, which allows an evidence based and efficient way to reduce psychosocial stress and improve work-life balance.

The founder

Søren Ballegaard, specialist doctor with extensive research in cardiovascular diseases and stress. Owner of Nordisk Hjertecenter (Nordic Heart Center) for 20 years. Author of numerous books and scientific articles about stress, acupuncture and cardiovascular diseases.

The board

Charlotte Mondrup, CEO
Søren Ballegaard, CMO

Internal development team – affiliated to the board

Pernille Foss, MBA, psycho therapist
Pernille Bjørn Petersen, M.Sc. (Chem.)
Rolf B. Harsløf, cand.merc.